Monday, June 23, 2008

Tennessee's Business: The Economy

A new issue of Tennessee's Business ("The Economy") is online.

Articles include:

  • "Outlining the State Budget: Taxpayers Expect Us to Live within Our Means” by Phil Bredesen, Governor of Tennessee
  • "Time to Gird for Rough Times: Forecast Commentary" by Rajeev Dhawan, Economic Forecasting Center, Georgia State University
  • "The Southeast Economy: As Goes the Nation?" by David Altig, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • "Stagflation: A Retrospective" by Thomas F. Dernburg, Emeritus Professor of Economics, the American University
  • "A New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy Independence" by Lamar Alexander, U.S. Senator from Tennessee
  • "Working Together to Save Our Economy — and Get Reelected" by Jim Cooper, U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  • "Congress Needs to Find a Productive Role in Restoring Confidence to Our Financial System" by Bob Corker, U.S. Senator from Tennessee