Monday, February 6, 2012

Tracking Tennessee's Economic Recovery

See page 4:

Tracking Tennessee's Economic Recovery website ( ) is profiled on page 4 of the current issue of Tennessee County News, a publication of the Tennessee County Services Association.

The Tracking Tennessee's Economic Recovery site features the latest economic data as well as a five-year history for the state, 95 counties, and 10 metropolitan statistical areas. It is produced by MTSU's Business and Economic Research Center in partnership with TACIR (Tennessee Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations).

Data for counties includes:
  • labor force
  • employment
  • unemployment
  • unemploymne rate
  • state sales tax trend
  • real estate transfer tax trend
Data for the state and 10 MSAs include:
  • sales tax
  • unemployment
  • nonfarm employment
  • total employment
  • total housing permits
Graphs are also included for:
  • nonfarm employment
  • nonfarm employment growth
  • unemployment rate
  • sales tax collections
  • single-family building permits