Monday, April 30, 2012

Updated Economic Indicators

  • Seasonally adjusted state sales tax collections rose to a post-recession high in March, gaining 7.5 percent over the year. Seven of the 10 MSAs grew by 5 percent or more. 
  • Tennessee’s unemployment rate dropped again, falling to 7.9 percent. All 10 MSAs have experienced declines over the year. 
  • Seasonally adjusted permits issued for construction of single-family homes fell in March from the previous month. The trend has flattened during the past three months. 
  • Nonfarm employment fell in March from the previous month, but still is 1.7 percent higher over the year. Seven of 10 MSAs show positive growth, and four are growing by more than 2.0 percent over the year.
[graphs at Tracking Tennessee's Economic Recovery]